Martin-Lavell provides a magazine delivery service for all publications available in the UK, and many foreign titles too. For those titles not available for delivery, Martin-Lavell can set-up a magazine subscription directly with the publisher or magazine distributor.

Magazine delivery or magazine subscription

The advantages of a magazine delivery service are:
  • Magazine publications delivered by Martin-Lavell as soon as they are published, with no delays
  • Martin-Lavell responsible for the delivery, as opposed to third party fulfilment
  • No commitment to term – easily add or remove magazine titles from your standing order
  • No pre-paid commitment
The advantages of a magazine subscription are:
  • Discounted prices
  • Set price for the subscription term (usually one year) – regardless of cover-price increases during that period
  • Digital subscription available alongside print
  • Some titles are not available for delivery in the UK and can only be sourced via a magazine subscription
Our team at Martin-Lavell can help determine the right solution for you.