Catering Range

Martin-Lavell provides a milk delivery service to offices in London and Manchester.

We are proud to deliver fresh Country Life milk daily to our customers in London along with Highland Spring bottled water.

Along with milk and bottled water, Martin-Lavell can provide a great range of Clipper teas, coffees and hot chocolates and we can supply fruit-boxes to contain 10, 20 or 40 pieces.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:
  • Early morning delivery – everything you need to start the office day
  • Great brands at great prices – create the right impression for your team and your visitors
  • One monthly consolidated invoice – reduce the number of suppliers
  • 30 day payment terms – meaning no pressure on cashflow or petty cash
  • No additional delivery charge when ordered with the news – saves you money

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ProductDescription & OptionsPrice
1 PintFull-fat/Semi-Skimmed/Skimmed£0.54
2 PintFull-fat/Semi-Skimmed/Skimmed£0.97
4 PintFull-fat/Semi-Skimmed/Skimmed£1.90
1 LitreFull-fat/Semi-Skimmed/Skimmed£0.86
2 LitreFull-fat/Semi-Skimmed/Skimmed£1.68